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Hot wire deposition
This is an interesting technology where a wire of a particular material, probably hard and wear resistant is melted onto an existing structure. Applications include tool repair and turbine blade repair. Mazak's technology uses lasers to melt the wire and they are working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to build a feedback loop which will control the temperature of the melt pool. The better this can be controlled, the more reliable and consistent the results.

These machines can be combined with metal removal so that material can be added then machined to final shape all in one process. Advantages are clear in that parts which could not normally be made can be produced, single setup reduces inaccuracy and handling costs. Also, different materials can be added where there are special wear points, increasing the service life of the part.
I had a look at one of these machines at the Mazak open house. It is a hybrid machine where you can do both additive and subtractive on the same machine.

You can add many differetnt types of material so for example you can add inconel just where it is needed, without having the whole component made of the material. According to the Mazak engineer, this technology is very popular in aerospace and toolmaking, giving more flexibility in part design and manufacture and also in cutting costs.

[Image: WireArc_1.png]

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