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Cloud computing
When you think about cloud computing, it is already a huge part of daily life. Just think about mobile banking on your phone which we take for granted now. Extending this to industrial applications is an obvious step which some companies have taken in one form or another a long time ago.
In the 90s for example, automotive companies used systems like Redex? I think it was called to communicate with suppliers, delivering design updates and changes to order schedules. The software was fairly primitive by modern standards, but the idea was to achieve concurent manufacture and ensure that everybody was using the same information.
Not so long ago I saw that a Portugese toolmaker which had factories around the world was able to look at the staff attendance and manufacturing status of all its factories in real time.
One clear advantage of cloud computing is the power and speed of cloud hardware, which is many times greater than can be installed locally in a factory. Also many of the difficulties of running a complex computer network in house will be elimnated.

Other advantages are that software updates can be managed centrally so it gets rid of the problem of updating lots of individual PCs and the errors and wasted time that can happen during this process.

Fibre cables and 5G will solve many of the speed problems when handling large volumes of data. Sounds like a no brainer!

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