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We all know that Covid-19 has decimated the exhibitions calendar, with the cancellations of MACH, IMTS and many others. This has resulted in many companies and organisations producing webinars, and online press conferences.

After a great deal of work in the back office, we will shortly be able to publish webinars, and even offer reminders to interested participants. Look our for the announcement coming in the next couple of weeks!
Webinars are now up and running. We have had all sorts of interesting events from DMG MORI, Renishaw, TIMTOS and Mazak. The webinars are changing all the time, so you need to keep an eye on the latest ones. You can sign up directly to each webinar from the pages.

If you want to run and adverise a webinar on our pages, just get in touch. We can publicise it to our database and feature a recording after the event.

Soon we will be able to stream it live on our site and also manage all the sign ups and reminders for you.

You can see the latest webinars here


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