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Lantek and Trumpf join forces
This is an exciting development where Trumpf has acquired Lantek, but Lantek will still operate independently. and in partnership with Trumpf.

The objective of both companies is to have open systems for CNC programming of almost any make, model and type of cutting machine combined with the complete management of a sheet metal manufacturing facility.

Machine tool manufacturers now understand that the market is demanding open systems so that they can have connectivity and which can move towards a smart factory. Previously, there were many stand alone CAM systems that could not share data and were machine specific. Now companies want to choose which machine and technology is best for their application (laser, punching, oxy-cut waterjet etc). In addition, they want to use the information about the machine and factory floor performance to help them manage their whole factory better. The areas included are sales, service, quality, manufacturing execution, etc. and also links to their customers and suppliers.

By involving customers and suppliers as part of the structure of their own business, the benefits are potentially huge as it helps to increase quality and reliability of supply, reduces costs of materials and secures orders for the future through a loyal customer base.

The industry has moved on a long way from simply reacting to orders and trying to get them out as quickly as possible. Systems like the one Lantek offers have the potential of completely transforming a manufacturers business and with an open system, any manufacturer can begin the process of transforming its business irrespective of the setup and the machinery it has.

For Trumpf, they will be able to have this technology to offer with their machines, integrate it with whatever other machinery or processes the customer may have and accelerate the development of a smart factory which in turn will benefit the industry as a whole.

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