Sempre hosts surface metrology event at AFRC
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Sempre hosts surface metrology event at AFRC

To give manufacturers an insight into the latest approaches to surface measurement, industrial metrology specialist The Sempre Group is running an open event at the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC), Glasgow. On March 21, attendees will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of surface metrology equipment, learn how they can be applied in different industries and ask experts questions about individual applications.

The morning session starting at 9:30, visitors will benefit from technology demonstrations and tours of the AFRC, lunch will be provided and ample time for application and industry-specific questions. The technology on show includes both mobile tactile and high accuracy optical equipment, to provide attendees with a full understanding of the different approaches to surface measurement.

Attendees will gain a detailed understanding of the Sensofar optical profiling system, which offers four technologies in one: confocal, interferometry, AI focus variation and spectroscopic reflectometry. The system provides nanoscale non-touch profile metrology and inspection and is ideal for the measurement of roughness, surface finish, flatness and waviness on materials including thing film and wafers. It offers rapid measurement of any surface in consumer electronics, medical devices, advanced manufacturing, batteries, aerospace and automotive.

In addition, visitors will benefit from demonstrations of Gelsight, a handheld tactile sensor for surface topography measurement. The device offers mobile digital scratch depth inspection, so users can directly perform detailed analyses, including depth profiles and 3D rendering, in seconds and without replication. The elastomeric surface conforms to the surface topography, instantly revealing detailed, micron-level measurements of surface features on contact.

The AFRC is a specialist manufacturing technologies, research and development and metal forming and forging research centre within the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NIMS). Its facility is home to some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology.

“Newer surface measurement technologies are drastically cutting down the time needed to take measurements,” said Jamie Greatrix, Head of Sales at The Sempre Group. “With these tools, manufacturers can improve quality and productivity at the same time. Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it, and our customers are often blown away by seeing these tools in action.”

“The AFRC is a great location,” added Greatrix. “Hosting the event here gives visitors a great opportunity to see the latest in metal forming and forging, alongside the technology required to measure it to the highest standards.”


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