Altus Continues to Build on its Strong Relationship with Scienscope
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Altus Continues to Build on its Strong Relationship with Scienscope

Since adding Scienscope’s range of inspection solutions to its portfolio, Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment for the electronics industry, has seen increasing interest in their technology. With the launch of Xspection 3000 this year, the success story is set to continue.

The new Xspection 3000 X-ray machine is a flexible high-resolution system designed for circuit board defect detection and quality insurance. In addition, it offers batch inspection capabilities providing valuable statistics for SMT line process improvements.

Originating from the Scienscope X-scope 3000, the Xspection 3000 was developed following years of experience, the latest AI software, and customer input. The software's foundations remain unchanged and include automatic void calculation, automatic reporting and measurement capabilities. The system has been updated with added functionality at a competitive price and uses innovative technology to inspect many applications, including multilayer PCBs, voids, semiconductors, THT, and Li batteries.

Joe Booth, Altus CEO said: “The Scienscope range has been a perfect fit for the UK and Ireland markets because of its price-to-image quality and performance ratio. Together with the Altus Group support team, it has resulted in a massive increase in the number of installations and new customers over the last 36 months in the CEM space.

“X-rays are perceived as a ‘luxury’ piece of equipment because of their cost, but Scienscope has been able to break that mould with a very capable closed tube system that meets customer needs and makes having an X-ray onsite a reality.

“Xspection 3000 is a great new addition to their portfolio as it standardises the platforms to help with equipment cost. With the range of options available, we can still supply to customers who require the most advanced solution to cope with complex double-sided products, down to the simplest single-sided inspection. I’m looking forward to seeing many more new users utilising Scienscope in the future.”

Available in two main variants, the conventional 100kV version and the top-of-the-line 130kV version, the Xspection 3000 is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking to enhance their quality control processes. There are additional features that can be added including a 365 degree retrofit table rotating table, and up grading from the standard 45 degree oblique angle tilt to a 70 degree angle for the more complex double sided inspection.


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